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Your Call is Important to Us, Please Hold.

Athena brings over 28 years of expertise in delivering comprehensive business solutions, encompassing telephony, unified communications, and both wired and wireless network infrastructures.

Your incoming business call serves as the initial impression on a customer. The manner in which you handle calls speaks volumes about your business. How efficiently are calls answered? Does your business project a professional image? Are customers irritated before reaching a team member? A poor customer experience might be costing you business, and your phone system could be a contributing factor.

Athena identifies key reasons customers might hang up:

  • Calls not answered promptly.

  • Lengthy automated options.

  • Unhelpful or untrained staff.

  • Repetitive messages and bothersome hold music.

  • Calls routed to voicemail.

Many companies are unaware of their phone system's impact. Greetings, hold music, comfort messages, and call response times are often overlooked. Businesses committed to top-tier customer service can benefit from reviewing how calls are received and routed for optimal customer satisfaction.

Effective call handling is crucial for businesses, ensuring inquiries are addressed promptly. Whether through Auto Attendant messages or receptionist-handled calls, the distribution of calls is vital. Modern telephone systems offer intelligent call routing without the need for elaborate contact centers. This technology ensures calls are handled promptly and directed to the appropriate personnel. Businesses neglecting call handling risk losing potential business.

For complimentary assistance and advice, reach out to Athena Business Consultancy. We can help you find a suitable solution, providing professional messages, efficient call routing plans, appropriate hold announcements, and suitable hold music for a consistent and positive customer experience.

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