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Wireless Surveys and Network Health Checks

Athena Business Consultancy is an independent provider of industry leading Wireless Solutions. With over 28 years’ experience, we have strategic partnerships with a variety of leading WLAN vendors enabling us to design bespoke solutions initiating from survey through to design, installation & commissioning. We provide full and comprehensive post install testing and offer annual support agreements which include a free annual health check. Our customer centric approach coupled with unrivalled technical knowledge and skilled workforce has built a reputation for designing and installing robust enterprise solutions.

Whether you are looking to implement a new wireless network or require expert assistance to troubleshoot and resolve issues within your existing network. It is wise to engage with a fully qualified wireless specialist to ensure that full coverage is achieved and that the network is fit for purpose now and in the future. In order to fully understand the environment, a variety of tests need to be performed and analysis and evaluations need to be carried out to guarantee optimum performance of the network. So, what are the next steps? What is involved in a wireless survey and what different types are there?

What Type of Wireless Survey?

The first thing to decide is whether you require a predictive or full on-site survey. Wireless surveys can vary considerably and so it is important to consider which option is best for you both from a technical and commercial perspective. A predictive site survey is often referred to as a remote site survey or heat map and it is completed using electronic site plans and some intuitive software. This is a great way to understand the indicative number of access points required to achieve basic coverage and it will also help to determine the approximate locations for each access point. There are however limitations of this type of survey and so if your environment is complex or your requirement is business critical this should be used as an initial guide only.

There are lots of benefits to a predictive survey, typically it is more commercially attractive as this type of survey is done remotely but it does not provide the in-depth inspection that a full on-site survey would do. It is also important to understand that a predictive survey will not accurately calculate the wireless signal penetration of building materials. This could be lift shafts, concrete floors, fire doors and particularly thick walls. An on-site wireless survey is extremely accurate and takes into consideration all factors within your environment which are assessed by a fully qualified RF Engineer. If your network is business critical and requires a high degree of accuracy, then a full on-site survey would be preferable. A predictive survey does have some degree of accuracy and can be sufficient for certain environments it does not however trace or measure the source of any RF interference. Wireless Interference is quite common within many networks and is the cause of poor performance and low throughput, therefore mitigating that in a business-critical environment is essential.

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