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Wireless as a Service (WaaS)

Wireless as a Service (WaaS) is a critical component in the successful implementation of a new wireless network infrastructure. Effective planning is essential to ensure that the solution not only meets technical requirements but also aligns with your business's financial expectations. Athena, with extensive experience in designing and installing wireless network infrastructures across diverse environments, understands the uniqueness of each business. We provide a customised solution that caters to your technical needs and financial considerations.

WaaS, a well-established offering in the UK, is designed to deliver a robust wireless solution at an affordable price, accompanied by a comprehensive Support Agreement. Athena remains vendor-agnostic, allowing us to recommend the best wireless solution tailored to your specific requirements. Leveraging our strong relationships with market leaders, we negotiate terms to provide optimal solutions at competitive prices. Whether you prefer a Capex or Opex financial model, we assist you in selecting the most suitable solution. Collaborating with major vendors, we explore various finance options, enabling you to pay monthly for a modern, reliable, and secure network. Our offerings encompass the initial site survey, design, enterprise hardware, and a support contract for complete peace of mind.

Engaging with Athena specialists involves a detailed assessment of your individual requirements, including a 'Heat Map' or on-site survey to ensure uninterrupted coverage. We consider each option, provide indicative project costs, and offer flexibility for adjustments to the network design. You can spread costs over 3-5 years, include a support agreement, and explore buyback options for existing networks. WaaS offers considerable flexibility, allowing project costs to be amortised similar to phone lines and internet connections.

Benefits of WaaS include the implementation of a fast and secure wireless network without concerns about potential costs. Athena not only designs and implements new networks but also assists in troubleshooting existing ones. Collaboration with customers ensures reliable, high-performance networks are delivered on time and within budget. For those looking to revolutionize their network, Athena offers WaaS starting from only £9 per month per access point. Contact the Athena team to explore how you can enhance your network affordably and effectively.

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