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Warehouse Wi-Fi and Barcode/Data Capture

Optimise operational efficiency with professional solutions for Warehouse Wi-Fi and Barcode/Data Capture.

Warehouses and distribution centres operate in dynamic and challenging environments, where constant movement of staff, mobile computing devices, forklifts, and changing stock configurations can pose challenges for Wi-Fi connectivity. Athena offers fully integrated warehouse Wi-Fi solutions meticulously designed to enhance network performance while reducing costs and labour. Our expert team provides end-to-end services, including RF surveying, network design, installations, commissioning, and tailored support.

In addition, our barcode and data capture engineers deliver rugged hardware solutions tailored to specific warehousing needs. Partnering with leading manufacturers ensures our clients stay at the forefront of supply chain innovation.

Benefits of Enhanced Warehouse Wireless: Implementing a flexible, future-proof, and highly secure Wireless LAN Solution brings tangible advantages to warehousing and distribution operations. Utilising mobile computing technologies, Auto ID, and RFID improves performance, accuracy, and reduces costs across the supply chain. Athena aims to significantly enhance clients' warehouse and supply chain network integration by providing timely and accurate business-critical information on the status and location of goods and assets.

Moving away from paper-based operations in warehouses results in numerous benefits for time-constrained businesses, improving accuracy and productivity. Robust warehouse Wi-Fi solutions support the movement of handheld devices used for precise order picking and inventory management. Real-time information on stock levels enables 'just-in-time' ordering, allowing businesses to replenish stock based on demand.

While warehouses may appear similar from the outside, designing Wi-Fi for warehouse automation is far from a 'cookie-cutter' approach. It is a complex and nuanced infrastructure project that, if not handled correctly, can lead to underperforming or failing networks. Drawing from experience in overcoming warehouse network challenges, Athena provides three essential tips for creating better warehouse wireless. Contact Athena for further information and expert guidance on optimising your warehouse connectivity.

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