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The Importance of a Wireless Survey

At Athena, our team of engineers pride themselves on their detailed knowledge of variety of environments. No environment is the same and some and can present certain challenges that if left undetected can lead to significant loss of signal when moving from one area to another within the building. Even a reasonably minor loss of signal (around -3Db) in terms of RF could potentially reduce your overall signal strength by up to 50%. Therefore, it is extremely important to detect potential contributors to poor RF performance within your network whether you are deploying a completely new network or addressing performance within an existing environment.

Our highly skilled team of engineers assess and monitor various signal strengths achievable within your environment by using a variety of specialist software and equipment to identify any potential causes of interference, coverage issues or blackspots. When choosing which wireless survey is best for you, it is imperative to understand:- The number of access points required to provide full coverage across the building, the number of concurrent devices in relation to the number of access points and identify any potential causes of interference. Failure to fully understand these primary elements will leave you exposed to performance issues in the future.

How Much Should You Pay?

Due to the complexity, an on-site survey will have an associated cost. Compared to that of a predictive survey which can often be produced free of charge or at a reasonably low cost. It is understandable that paying for a wireless survey may be prohibitive for some budget conscious businesses. This is when businesses consider the complexity of their environment and how business critical the network is. Opting for a free or lower cost option may be appealing and of course avoids the need for any upfront investment at the beginning of a project. The fact remains that there could be consequences further down the line and unforeseen costs to resolve issues that were not understood at the beginning. Unfortunately, at Athena we see time and time again that something that was provided ‘Free’ actually costs money as time goes on.

Wireless surveys can vary considerably both in the associated cost and the quality of the output. Not all surveys are the same and so it is extremely important that you seek the guidance from specialist. The likelihood is that if a survey is free or low cost the survey will be speculative, and the accuracy will be low. Athena offer guaranteed coverage with every full on-site survey, which is a testament to our confidence and capability.

Athena not only offer a full coverage guarantee, we also provide a full and comprehensive document which outlines the findings of the survey and which also provides all the information you will need to progress with the project. Athena have been designing wireless networks for many years and firmly believe that a full and comprehensive survey is the only way to guarantee excellent performance. If following the survey there is progression to the implementation of the proposed wireless network, Athena will provide a 30% rebate of the initial survey cost upon completion and handover of the network. Fully understanding the environment during the initial stages of the project is crucial to avoid potential surprises further down the line.

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