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The 9 Most Common Warehouse Wireless Problems

Athena Business Consultancy recommends addressing the following issues for optimal wireless network performance:

1. Outdated Firmware on Clients and Access Points: Ensure that clients and access points have updated firmware to benefit from bug fixes, newer standards, and overall improvements. Outdated firmware may lead to issues such as "sticky client" behaviour.

2. Full Power on Access Points: Avoid maximising power levels on access points as a solution to coverage or performance problems. Instead, find a balance by setting the power to 50% and making small increments up and down to achieve optimal power and Wi-Fi coverage.

3. Wrong Antenna Type: Select the appropriate Wi-Fi antenna for its intended purpose. For example, directional antennas focus RF into specific areas, while omni-directional antennas provide 360-degree coverage. Athena suggests choosing the right antenna type based on the specific needs of your environment.

4. Incorrect Antenna Aiming: Ensure proper alignment and aiming of antennas, especially with legacy access points using diversity antennas. Incorrect alignment may lead to performance issues, including the creation of a "hidden node" phenomenon. Antennas on the same access point should be aimed in the same direction.

5. Incorrect Channel Assignments: Stick to using channels 1, 6, and 11 in the 2.4GHz radio spectrum for warehouse Wi-Fi network deployments. Avoid creative channel designs that may result in interference. Athena advises against straying from these three channels to ensure optimal 2.4GHz Wi-Fi performance.

6. Legacy Band Usage: Address issues related to legacy band usage, especially when 802.11b devices share the same SSID as 802.11g devices. This can bring down the data rate to the lowest common denominator. Athena suggests considering separate SSIDs for different device types to improve overall network speed.

7. RF Interference from Vehicle Cages: Be mindful of RF interference caused by protective metal mesh cages surrounding wireless devices on warehouse vehicles. Athena recommends placing wireless devices in a way that minimises the impact of metal mesh cages on RF performance.

For tailored solutions and further assistance, contact Athena Business Consultancy for expert advice on optimising your wireless network.

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